In the present, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to cardiovascular surgery are performed. These diseases include coronary vascular diseases (bypass), heart valve diseases, vascular diseases (vascular occlusions, vascular dilatation, varicose veins) and congenital heart diseases (heart holes, improper vascular development).

    Coronary By-Pass surgeries
    Heart valve operations
    Congenital heart disease surgeries
    Great vessel operations

There is a special operating room in the Private Park Hospital with a laminar flow ventilation system which is separated into Cardiovascular Surgery. The Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit, which plays an effective role in rapidly returning patients to their normal lives in the post-operative period, is provided with advanced respiratory / circulatory support devices and an infrastructural infrastructure in which vital data are closely monitored.

As a result of examinations made at the Department of Cardiology or other units, it is decided whether surgical treatment is appropriate in the context of blood-based medicine.

Prior to the operation of the heart, all the organ systems with vital prescriptions are examined and the patients are subjected to an examination and research process. All necessary safety precautions are taken prior to the surgery by revealing the problems that the patient may risk during the operation and by taking care of them with the relevant branch specialists.