PARKHAYAT Afyonkarahisar Hospital Emergency Service, where an average of 20000 patients are admitted every year, aims to provide the best and fastest emergency health service to all emergency cases with its central position, experienced and experienced health team, technological equipment and infrastructure. PARKHAYAT Afyonkarahisar Hospital, which is in the A group of hospital emergency services, is capable of providing all kinds of medical and surgical emergency medical services.

 PARKHAYAT At Afyonkarahisar Hospital, emergency medical services are provided by 4 experienced emergency physicians and 11 assistant health personnel. After the emergency medical service application and the first medical intervention, if necessary, all specialist physicians who are internal and surgical reach to the hospital 24/7 and continue the treatment of the patient quickly and successfully.

2 full-equipped emergency ambulance and patient service vehicles, and all the transportation infrastructure necessary for the patients to reach the emergency service quickly and safely. PARKHAYAT Afyonkarahisar Hospital Emergency Service has 4 separate inspections in order to intervene in consideration of patients' area, 2 separate observation rooms with 4 beds specially designed for men and women, and areas where small surgical interventions are made.

PARKHAYAT Afyon Hospital has standard devices used in emergency interventions as well as the possibility of taking digital x-rays with MR and tomography imaging for 7 days and 24 hours, unlike health centers in the region. The ability to carry out such advanced tests at any time and in any desired way allows both intervention to be performed more efficiently and also allows emergency physicians and related branch physicians to diagnose the patient quickly and accurately.